Pricing for Artwork and Portrait Retouching

The photo editors at Vista Photo are among the most talented in the business. Our photo editors provide the expertise required to enhance any image. Whether it's a full photograph restoration or retouching a baby's first portrait, we're here to ensure that your customers photos always look their best.

Portrait Retouching (not including Senior Portraits)

Removal of Blemishes (Acne)

$1.00 Per Minute / 15 Minute Minimum

Softening Eye bags by 50%
Softening of Crows Feet, AND Smile lines by 50%

Additional Artwork Requests

Below are some approximates for certain photo editing requests. These services and charges may be added to digital editing. More extensive restoration and artwork jobs require an estimate up front.

Remove Objects from Background Aprx Charge $15.00
Remove Braces Aprx Charge $15.00
Open Eyes (Include Image w/Eyes Open) Aprx charge $15.00
Simple Eye Glass Glare Aprx charge $15.00
Complex Eye Glass Glare Aprx charge $30.00
Extend Background Aprx charge $15.00

With Digital Imaging, the artwork and restoration that can be done is limitless.

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