Green Screen

Vista Photo is excited to offer Green Screen support to our customers. Now you can shoot with one background and let your customers pick one, two or more backgrounds. You do the shooting and Vista will render the images with our automated batching software. You can use your own digital images for backgrounds or pick from one of our many stock backgrounds. Think about not having the same backdrop year after year and not having to haul around two or more backdrops!

   Alicegreenscreen-55.jpg    Alicegreenscreen-552.jpg     Alicegreenscreen-55 - Copy.jpg

So what is the cost? We will render each image for 25¢ for the first background and 5¢ for each additional background. Our price is lower than most labs around the country. As always, depending on volume, send us a receipt from your current lab and we will match or beat their price.

View a few of our backgrounds available.

abstract green screen background

Holiday Background Gallery

holiday green screen background

Kids Background Gallery

kids green screen background

Masters Background Gallery

masters green screen background

Muslin Background Gallery

muslin green screen background

Scenic Background Gallery

scenic green screen background

Sports Background Gallery

sports green screen background

Studio Background Gallery

studio green screen background


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