Senior Package Printing

Package printing is designed for those photographic situations where large numbers of images are produced under identical lighting and composition conditions.

We offer two different photo printing plans for our senior package printing: "Ready to Print" and digital files that need color correction, size selection and cropping.

"Ready to Print" means digital files, that have been previously color corrected by Vista Photo Lab and you have used our OZE or LabPrints programs to place the order and cropped the color corrected images.

Senior Retouching

Retouching is available on Seniors at a charge of:

$3.00 per Head for Blemish Only Retouching

  • Blemishes on Face and Chest/Shoulders are removed

$6.00 per Head for Full Retouching

    Eye bags are  softened and Blemishes Removed

Any additional artwork on your senior files will be charged at $1.00 per minute with a 15 minute minimum.  Other types of artwork on seniors include:  brace removal, shine, glass glare, stray hairs, sun burn, tan lines, etc...

Senior Packages

Print Size Ready to Print Digital Files Received Requiring Color Correction and Size Selection
8x10 Units $1.90 per 8x10 unit $2.30 per 8x10 unit
10x13 $2.75 each $5.00 each
11x14 $4.25 each $9.00 each
16x20 $12.75 each $22.00 each
20x24 $20.00 each $30.00 each
20x30 $26.00 each $40.00 each
24x30 $32.00 each $60.00 each
30x40 $45.00 each $75.00 each


Digital Senior Composite Layouts

Print Size Digital Graphic Templates with Multiple Images

Vista Color corrects and drops images in templates, add names, etc...

8-Wallets N/A
3.5 x 5 $2.50 each
4x5 $2.50 each
5x5 $2.50 each
4x6 $2.50 each
5x7 $3.00 each
8x8 $4.00 each
8x10 $5.00 each
8x12 $5.15 each
10x10 $5.25 each
10x13 $6.00 each
12x12 $7.00 each
11x14 $10.00 each
16x20 $32.00 each
20x20 $37.00 each
20x24 $40.00 each
20x30 $50.00 each
24x30 $70.00 each
30x30 $80.00 each
30x40 $85.00 each
8x16 Pano $7.00 each
8x18 Pano $7.00 each
9x18 Pano $7.00 each
8x24 Pano $7.50 each
10x18 Pano $7.50 each
10x20 Pano $8.00 each
10x24 Pano $9.25 each
10x26 Pano $10.00 each
10x30 Pano $11.50 each
12x18 Pano $8.25 each
12x24 Pano $11.00 each
12x26 Pano $12.00 each
15x30 Pano $18.00 each


We recommend having your final retouched images saved to CD for future orders. Scan fee is included in this service.

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